New BMW Cars

BMW is a German automobile manufacturing company that was founded in the year 1917. Since then, the company is still actively participating in manufacturing luxury cars in the global market and is still one of the top most car manufacturers in the world. Apart from car manufacturing, BMW also expands its business in engine and motorcycle manufacturing. The company also owns and produces Mini marquee and also owns and controls another company named Rolls-Royce Motors Cars.

It produced a series of lineups since years and sells its cars and other products at very high range due to stating its luxury class segment. Currently, the company has lined up a range of models which comprises of 1 Series hatchback, 1 Series coupe and convertible, 3 Series sedan, 3 series coupe, convertible and wagon, 5 Series sedan and wagon, 5 Series Gran Turismo – progressive activity sedan, 6 series coupe and convertible, 7 series sedan, X1 compact crossover SUV/sports activity vehicle, X3 compact crossover SUV/sports activity vehicle, X5 compact crossover SUV/sports activity vehicle, X6 sports activity coupe, and Z4 sports roadster.

BMW not only has a long history of creating luxury range vehicles, but also carries a successful profile in Formula One and contributes vigorously into sports car, touring car, and rally segment. The company since years is continuing long history into all these segments in the market. Also, the company produces a spectrum of high-end bicycles that are sold online as well as through dealerships. Right from Kid’s Bike to Enduro Bike. The company has formed its base and expanded its business across the globe by marking first into the leading markets including United States, South Africa, India, China, Canada, and Egypt.

Today, the logo of this brand is highly renowned where its cars are known by the logo inscribed at the front fascia of the cars within the grille. BMW is not a cup of tea for many, but its presence makes your life exciting.

New BMW Cars
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