New Bugatti Cars

Bugatti was a French car manufacturer that was founded in the year 1909 in Molsheim, Alsace. The name of the company was derived from the Italian-born Ettore Bugatti, who turned out as a manufacturer of high performance automobiles.

Bugatti models were very renowned for their beautiful designs and the manufacturer had talent to create such awe-inspiring designs as he belongs to the family of artists. This is why, Ettore Bugatti considered himself as an artist as well as constructor. In fact, the company has won a large number of races. He died in the year 1947 that proved to the end of the brand. His son Jean was already died in 1939 that closed the doors to run this company. During his lifespan, Ettore Bugatti was created more than 8000 cars.

On later stage the company started facing financial crises and released one last model during 1950s before it is purchased for the business of airplane parts in 1960s. Today, this name is owned by Volkswagen Group that has named it as a "builder of limited production exclusive sports cars".

Bugatti was not only known for its breathtaking designs, but also for the excellence in engineering that was placed artistically in all the automobiles created by the company. Ettore Bugatti was also involved into the creation of a racer airplane in 1930s in hopes of beating the Germans in Deutsch de la Meurthe price. In fact, he also designed a successful motorized railcar which was named as 'the Autorail'. All the automobiles have been divided into prototypes, racing cars and road cars. A long journey was made by the company through its surviving cars from 1900 to 1962. Well, still people remember and feel proud to talk about Bugatti which is actively living in the world by making its grand presence.

New Bugatti Cars
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